Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Book Review: Meldoy's Crush

Dislcaimer:  I am an adult and I love YA (Young Adult) books. Deal with it.  And this review will contain spoilers. 

Melody's Crush by Alora Dillon was recommended to me by some of my Goodreads friends.  I was a little hesitant because when Alora Dillon started writing the book, she published it in sections until it was finished then she published a complete novel.  I find when this happens extra hoopla gets put into the book that either makes no sense, repeats something we already know, or has nothing to do with the story.  And I am sad to say but I feel that's what happened to Meldoy's Crush. 

Melody has been crushing on her next door neighbor and best friend, Jake, for the past three years.  They have more of a brotherly/sisterly love going on until their health class has a marriage/baby project that changes everything.

Overall, I love the idea of this book - girl falls for best friend then bad boy/boy opposite of her/off limits boy/you get the idea comes in and rocks her world.  She questions everything about the "crush" she has for her best friend.  Whom shall she choose?

What I didn't like:

Ugh, Melody had me so confused.  One second she's in love with Jake.  Then Kyle comes in and is mean to her so she hates him but then he has one moment of niceness and she thinks she is crushing on him and forgets Jake. Then Kyle is mean and she wants Jake.  She back and forths so much that sometimes I honestly got confused who she was talking about.  

Melody and her mother live on the property of  Melody's mom's  (I can't remember her name - not sure if it was even mentioned) old friend, who she once thought she loved and that in turn makes Jake's mom hate Melody?  Yeah? No?  That's what I took from the book.  It made no sense to me.  It was convenient plus later in the book gave great insight to what Melody and Jake were going through, but to me that was way in left field.  

Melody almost faints a lot. and one time she actually did. No medical reason.  The male form does that to her. Well only Kyle's male form.

Jake's mom slaps him when he almost kisses Melody. hmph. Why?  Can the teens not talk about it? This has me the most baffled.  Yes I know she didn't like Melody but she slaps him and they all move on. 

That damn electronic baby.

How easily Melody's mom allowed Kyle to sleep on the floor of Melody's room then eventually allows her to sleep in bed with Kyle. 

What I did like:

The idea of the story.  

The banter between characters is cute and funny.  

Some of the dialog really pulled at my heart strings and made most of the confusion of this story forgotten.  

The ending dialog was amazing and made me swoon.  


Its a confusing but sweet read.  Had some good moments but I would probably not read this again.  I give it 2.75 electronic annoying babies. 

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