Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Book Review: Perfectly Broken

Disclaimer:  May contain spoilers.

Perfectly Broken by Maegan Abel was emailed to me on a list of free Amazon books.  I usually always get the romance books if they are free, even though I am usually heartbroken by how bad they are.  This book was an exception. 

Liliosa Cortez "Lili", Zane Tishler, and Jared Tishler "Tish"  along with Kas - Tish's girlfriend who spends more time there than her own place- are a crazy mix-up of roommates.  Lili met Tish and he instantly took in the little pint size fireball.  Then Zane moved in after his divorce from scuzzy Lizzie.   

Lili and Zane spend lots of time partying and hooking up with other people but soon jealousy comes in to play and they both realize something is there. Neither want to ruin what friendship they have because of past issues but there is no denying the chemistry.  And through several mess ups on Zane's part, several tears on Lili's part, and several threats on Tish and Kas's part, they finally settling into a relationship but it isn't easy.  

There is a lot of twist and turns in this book (some waaaay out there and some that are pointless). But it definitely kept me on my toes and once I started getting into the book, I couldn't put it down.  

What I didn't like:

Seriously how man times can Zane go back to his ex-wife and it be ok?  Yes I know they give him hell for it but I don't think he is ever held responsible for it. 

When the book  starts I feel like instead of describing the characters, Abel was trying to sell the characters to us.  



What I did like:

Roommates turned lovers.

Zane as a daddy. 

Tish and Kas's relationship.  ♥

Zane and Lili when their relationship is good ♥


Even though parts of the book feel pointless, I still really enjoyed this book.  The love, when it was good, was sweet and honest.  I give it four angst filled hearts.

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