Friday, April 3, 2015

Peeps S'mores

Even though JJ was out sick for his class's Easter party I still decided to send a little snack and of course I turned to Pinterest. 

I found cute Peeps S'mores on Craftibilities.  It looks so simple and cute.  All you need is some Peeps, miniature chocolate bars, graham crackers, snack size baggies, and a label of some sort.

  Besides being adorable, they taste delicious.  

I didn't use Craftibilities premade labels.  I just grabbed an Avery label (I used label #18163) and you can make your own label on their website.  They have several graphics, fonts, and designs to choose from plus you can print directly off of Avery.  

But you see these cute little bunnies here?

When you wait until the day before like I did, they are very hard to find.  I went to three stores and only found one back of regular peeps.  The stores had tons of chick Peeps and mysterious flavored Peeps.  

yeah, not trying those.

Happy Good Friday y'all!

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