Thursday, April 9, 2015

Things I love Thursday V. 4

Welcome to another Things I love Thursday.  Today's edition will feature the top ten things I love from Oddity Mall. What is Oddity Mall?  It's a website featuring awesome inventions, weird gadgets, and unique gifts from across the web.  Now they do say its for men but honestly I love them and I believe many women would love some of these gifts too. 

01.  Prank Candle  Starts out smelling like apple pie - then it turns horribly wrong.  Mwahahaha.

02.  Garden hose.  Which is actually a pretty awesome idea.  Drips water in your garden.

03.  Sinking Titanic Ship Cat Playground.  So I don't have a cat, yet.  And I can't see spending $2,000 on a cat toy but you can't deny this is pretty awesome.

05.  Heart Shaped Handle Coffee Mug.  I am addicted to coffee mugs and these are so adorable.

06.  Rolled Omelette Making Pan.  Because I suck at making omelettes.  

07.  BalKonzept:  A balcony desk and flower pot.  These are adorable.  I would love to hang them on a porch.  

08.  Freddy Krueger Dog Costume.  The dogs may hate it but I love dressing them up.  

09.  Giant Hammock.  I love love hammocks and this is a beast of a hammock.

10.  Mr. Sponge.   Need I say more?

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