Saturday, April 11, 2015

Unboxing V.1: Death Wish Coffee

I have to say that I was really really excited when I got my Death Wish Coffee box in. 

What is Death Wish Coffee?


The world's strongest coffee. 

Death Wish Coffee is a company founded by Mike Brown, who after opening his coffee shop realized the demand for strong coffee.  Realizing there wasn't much out there as super strong coffee, he decided to find the perfect blend of beans for the world's strongest coffee.  After countless weeks, he found exactly what the world had been craving. Death Wish Coffee was born.  


I first want to state that as soon as I cut open the box, the smell was ahhhhhmazing!  I just wanted to stick my head in the box and never leave.  

I am in love with the packaging/logo.

 $33.98 - Death Wish & Valhalla Java Coffee Bundle.    
You can either get whole beans or ground. 

I literally sat for about three minutes smelling the coffee.

$29.98 Death Cup & Odin Cup single serve (20 Cups)
These are my favorite.  

Death Wish Coffee also has awesome merchandise.  Shirts, hoodies, coffee mugs, travel mugs, french presses, etc. (I want it all!)

I own the hoodie they offer.  

Seriously, it is the softest hoodie I own.  I want to live in it. 

and this time I got a shirt.

So how does it taste?

Death Wish Coffee does not lie when they say its the world's strongest coffee.  I can usually drink my coffee black but I don't think I'm brave enough to drink Death Wish black. It may open up a black hole.  

The flavor is very smooth and rich.  (I had Death Wish.)

This is after milk and sugar. And it's still dark. 


I would recommend this if you enjoy a strong coffee.  If you prefer a blonde roast this is definitely not for you.  

Something else cool is that they have a coffee subscription for you die hard fans out there.  You can choose to do weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly.  

You don't have to buy the combo packs.  You can buy the Death Wish flavor in 1-pound or 5-pound bag,  the cups separately (10 cups/pack), or 12 oz Valhalla Java bag.  

Now go forth and buy some coffee!
you know you wanna. 


Disclaimer:  The views and opinions in this review are 100% true and alllll mine.  I was not paid for this review.  I just love them that much. 

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