Thursday, November 1, 2018

Halloween Treat | Mummy Dogs

With moving so close to Halloween, we weren't able to do as many activities and crafts as I had hoped.  But I was able to pull out some Mummy Dogs on Halloween night.

I am sure you have seen this image from Pillsbury all over the internet. 

They are adorable and looked pretty simple to do. 

You will need some crescent rolls, hot dogs, cheese, cooking spray and condiments of your choice.

I actually used the hot dogs with cheese on the inside and saved myself a step. 

I opened the weenies and washed them. Then I patted them dry to help the crescent roll stick to the hot dog.  

Roll out the crescent roll and make sure to pinch the rolls together at the perforated seam. Then I used a pizza cutter to cut strips of the crescent roll. 

Then start wrapping your Mummy Dogs.  You can add as little or as many strips to your mummy just make sure to leave a space at the head of the mummy for the eyes. 

Mummy Dogs

Then I baked the Mummy Dogs for about 15 minutes at 375 degrees.  After they were done, I left them cool off and then added some mustard eyes to our mummies. 

They came out so cute!

My Notes:
Make sure the hotdogs are dry before you start wrapping them.
The pizza cutter works best for this. 


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