Saturday, November 24, 2018

Hollywood Malt & Burger | Hometown Review

Instead of trying to find the best sales on Black Friday, my family decided to find the best eats in our hometown to avoid a repeat of turkey and dressing.   

My brother told me of a place called Hollywood Malt & Burger that he had never tried before but heard good things about. When we pulled up, we were greeted by a fun and funky little restaurant.  The outside has different variety of seating (including what looks like a teacup ride from a fair which my son loved!) and a fun mural painted on the outside of the building. 

source: Hollywood Malt & Burger
The inside of the restaurant is filled with movie memorabilia - even the tables had old vinyls as decoration.

It also had an arcade room that JJ spent most of his time in.  His favorite game was the South Park pinball machine while the old school Ms. Pac-Man was my choice. 

source:  Hollywood Malt & Burger

It also had a jukebox that played hits from different decades but my personal favorite was a condiments bar!  I mean most times you have to beg for any extra condiments for your burgers and fries but at Hollywood Malt & Burger, the had a bar stocked full of different condiments. 

Just a sampling of the condiments.

Looking over the menu, there was just too much to choose from (wings, BLTs, grilled cheese, chicken tenders, pulled pork nachos, etc) but if you know me, you know I love a good cheeseburger. The menu stated that all the burgers are half-pound and made fresh from Certified Chuck/Rib and Brisket blend.  

 My brother and I ordered the All American combo with fries and a drink while JJ ordered a Goonie Dog (their take on a hot dog).  

I got the regular bun for my burger while my brother got the jalapeno cheddar bun - which was absolutely delicious and my now go-to bun next time I visit Hollywood Malt & Burger   The burger was cooked and seasoned perfectly - and just amazing. I liked the blend of  chuck/rib and brisket for the burger.

It was a hard choice because both the fries and burger were delicious but in the end I chose to finish my burger and bring the fries home - it was so much food!

There is also a great deal of homemade ice cream and ice cream treats to choose from but we were too full from our food to try any.  Definitely next time. 

source: Hollywood Malt & Burger

With the fun, family environment and the homemade deliciousness, Hollywood Malt & Burger is one of my family's favorite eateries now.  If you happen to be in Houma, make sure you stop by and try one of their delicious burgers or homemade ice cream.

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