About Amie

What can I say about me?

I can tell you I am a wife.  I have been married for nearly ten years to the man who holds me up when I want to fall down, who is the calm to my chaos, who makes me smile even when I don't want to. 

Man, we were babies then. 

I could tell you that I am a mother.  I have an awesome, overly active 8 year old.  Who means more to me that he will ever know. 

My heart.

I could tell you that I am a teacher.  I teach rambunctious, overly cute 4 year olds. 

Graduation 2017...Aren't they cute?

I could tell you that my husband and I am Youth Pastors.

These are our other kids. 

I could tell you that I am a Scout Mom.
His favorite Scout activity. 

I could tell you all that but I am much more.  I am a baker, amateur photographer who loves to travel.  My faith is an important part of my life that I am constantly growing in (and sometimes struggling). I am a Cajun transplant living in Texas.  I am a master artist at doodling who loves reading and Netflix.  

Want to know more? Then let's read on. 

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