Thursday, March 26, 2015

Things I love Thursday V. 3

Happy Thursday everyone!  While I am over here suffering from a major sinus headache, I thought I'd share some awesome things I'm loving this week:

♥ X Files is coming back!  Fox just ordered six new episodes - time to binge watch some episodes.  Eek.  I am in love with this Dana Scully print by Heymonster.

♥ I really want to make these awesome Easy Glitter Easter Eggs on MomSpark.

♥ How adorable is Wisconsin player Nigel Hayes?!?!  Just getting a little embarrassed; he didn't realize the whole room could hear him.

♥  Rainy day and hoodies.  and snuggling on the couch. 

♥ Truth.

Hope you have a great Thursday ♥

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