Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Mighty Mug | Review and Giveaway

I always have a drink with me.  Usually coffee in the morning, water or tea during the day, and usually some herbal tea at night.  My biggest issue with all this?  Spillage.  I can't tell you how many papers and files have been ruined, spills have been cleaned, or times I have had to scramble to move my laptop out of harms way.

But I have found a solution to this - Mighty Mug.
My pretty Mighty Mug.

What is Mighty Mug?
Mighty Mug is an innovative mug that grips your desk when knocked into.

Does it really work?
 No joke, this mug never once tipped over even when my puppy and son chased each other around the house.  Survived PTA meetings, grocery shopping, and general errands.

So it really can't be knocked over?
I am sure if any member of the NFL was to tackle the table it is on, then yes it might be knocked over but the usual bumping into the mug or table won't budge the mug.

How does it work?
This smart grip technology.  Don't ask me to explain it - it just works.

Also the Mighty Mug comes in several different styles and colors.

My wishlist includes:

Mighty Mug Desk: Purple $14.99

Mighty Mug Ice: Blue $19.99

You can also buy parts and accessories for your Mighty Mug, you don't have to buy a whole new mug.  Know what else is awesome?  Mighty Mug wants to give you one of your own for free!  Just follow the link below and remember the contest ends at the end of the month.

Want to win a Mighty Mug?  Click here to enter!
Contest ends 9/30!

I received Mighty Mug for free in hopes of a review.  All views and opinions are mine and 100% truthful. 

Monday, September 7, 2015

$60 Target Gift Card | Twitter Giveaway

Hey guys!  I hope everyone's Labor Day is going great but if it's not, I am about to make it better.  How can I do that?  By giving you a chance to win a $60 gift card to the mecca of all stores - TARGET!  I mean who doesn't love Target?!?

What are the rules & how do I win?!?

01.  Starts today (9/7) and ends Monday (9/14).

02.  Follow everyone's twitter. We will be checking to make sure the winner follows all accounts.  But trust me you want to  - we are awesome.

03.  Giveaway Twitter accounts will not count. #sorrynotsorry

04.  Please share with your friends and family.

And that's it!  Good luck and if you win the Target gift card you can buy me something!  (Not a requirement to win but should be.)

Sunday, September 6, 2015

Soulful Sunday

Before I bring my need
I will bring my heart
Before I lift my cares
I will lift my arms
I wanna know You
I wanna find You
In every season
In every moment
Before I bring my need
I will bring my heart
And seek You


More than anything I want, I want You

Before I speak a word
Let me hear Your voice
And in the midst of pain
Let me feel Your joy
Ooh, I wanna know You
I wanna find You
In every season
In every moment
Before I speak a word
I will bring my heart
And seek You

"But seek first his kingdom and his righteousness, and all these things will be given to you as well."
-Matthew 6:33

Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Hello SKIPtember!

I promise I am not crazy and I do know how to spell.  Most words. 

So what is SKIPtember/Skip Day?
Skip Day is when you give up one thing and give the money you would spend on that item to charity.  For example instead of spending your usual $7 at Starbucks, head over to Skip1.org and donate that money to feed the hungry.  

And in SKIPtember you would donate on the day you were born.  I was born on April 23rd so on the 23rd of September I am skipping something and donating the money.  If you were born on the first, today is your day to skip and donate.

What should I skip?
You can skip pretty much anything.  Car wash, dinner, breakfast, morning coffee, bottle water, a new shirt, drinks with friends, etc.  When you donate, Skip1.org will post your donation and what you skipped (as long as it is in good taste) on their website.

So why should you participate in SKIPtember?
Skip because you can.
Skip because 1/6th of the Earth's population is undernourished - more than ever before!
Skip because 25,000 people die every day from hunger and related causes.
Skip because every 6 seconds a child dies of hunger and related causes.
Skip something because the world needs our help.

So what are you skipping this month?  Make sure you  #SKIPtember on your social media so I can check it out.