Saturday, October 1, 2016

Life Update

Feels like forever since I've blogged. 

[Probably because it has.]

What have the Gould's been up to?

Amie - I am currently in the process of becoming a PreK Teacher at an Academy close to my house.  I didn't think this is where I would be at but I am really excited about what the future holds with this job prospect. 

I am also the Den Leader for JJ's Wolf Pack.  I was hesitant about adding this to the growing number of things, but I am honestly enjoying it and I think its a great way to be involved with my son.

Justin and I are in training and prayer to become the next youth leaders at our church. This has been something that has been on our hearts for awhile now.

I am still doing Juney Cakes on the side but I haven't been focusing on it all too much. I still have a couple of orders that come in and that has rekindled that fire. 

Justin - Justin is currently a chef at a school.  He is looking into doing his own catering business.

He is also an Assistant Cub Master of JJ's Pack.

JJ- He is now in 2nd grade and loving it.  He is trying out for the chess team and storytelling team. He is loving Cub Scouts this year and hopes to pick up a sport or two.

Life has been crazy and chaotic but I have been loving every minute of it.