Monday, November 13, 2017

Paper Bag Pumpkins | PreK Craft

It's finally starting to feel like Fall here in Texas.  Finally.

This week we started our fall lesson.  We discussed the changes in the weather, used pinecones and pumpkin seeds in our sensory bin, and spent more time outside.

We also discussed pumpkins, because what's Fall without pumpkins?

We were able to go outside and dissect our pumpkin.  The children were able to use their senses to explore the pumpkin.

Getting an extreme close-up of the pumpkin.

Pumpkin guts & stuff.

We also made our own pumpkin patch out of paper bags.

Our cute little pumpkin patch.
I would highly recommend covering your tables in brown paper or newspaper.  Clean up is so easy.

What you will need:

- orange paint  & paint brushes
- newspaper or in my case we used pages from a phone book
- green pipe cleaners
- paper bags


01.  Crumble the newspaper and place in the bottom of the paper bag.

02.  Gather the top of the bag to make a stem and tie it with the pipe cleaner.

03.  Then I encouraged the children to color the bottom of the bag orange.  

04.  You can paint the top of the bag (the stem area) brown but the bag was brown so I didn't see a point.  Also, you can have the children add a face once the paint dries. 

It was a simple and easy craft for the children to do.  I highly recommend it. 

Sunday, November 12, 2017

What Matters Most

Growing up my favorite part of the holidays was having my grandmother in the kitchen cooking.  The smell of the cornbread dressing and desserts. Spending time with the family that got together for whichever holiday it was. My brother sneaking us food.  It was the best. 

But we grow up.  We become busy with our own lives, families, and responsibilities. We make excuses as to why we can't get together this year.  Maybe next year.

Last Thanksgiving my grandmother was diagnosed with cancer.  It literally shook my world.  I was six hours away and the woman that raised me was just diagnosed with cancer.

I was devastated.  

Over the past year, I have learned that what I once though mattered, doesn't anymore.  What matters to me the greatest is spending quality time with the people that matter most to me.  

Like playing UNO for hours

Like spending time learning my grandmothers holiday cornbread dressing recipe. 

Like watching MaMa's Family as a family. 

These are the things that matter.  

I'm sorry it has taken me this long to recognize this.

But recognizing this before it was too late is what I am thankful for this year.

JJ, Paw Paw, and Maw Maw